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Nathalie Kalbach: Chicago positive & Negative
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Product Brand : Art Foamies
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ize: 5" x 2.25" each
​This stamp pair was inspired by Nathalie's travels in Chicago.  In this modern city, the unique Prairie Style of Frank Lloyd Wright has found its way into ironwork designs, onto building facades, and into the artistic details of the mass transportation system.  The interlocking linear designs are a contemporary take on patterns found in nature and this stamp is an homage to that style.  With both a positive and negative stamp to use, you can layer these to create different effects and dense designs or use them singularly for just a touch of craftsman chic.
Foam Stamps can be used with acrylic paint, fabric paint, or inks and clean-up is easy.  These stamps come packaged with or without a "StampBuddy" to ensure even distribution of paint. The Chicago stamps are ideal for layering or creating Wright-inspired backgrounds in your artwork, mixed media projects, or in your art journal.  
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