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Posca 0.7mm Ultra Fine Marker PC-1MR Metallic  Green
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Uni Posca pens PC-1 MR Ultra fine Marker 0.7mm pin type nib.

The Uni Posca pen are water based paint markers with a slim line barrel in an extra fine line for more precise projects.

Resistant to water and fading as well as being odour free.
  • Posca Pens PC 1MR writes on fabrics, glass, metal, paper, wood, stone & most other surfaces
  • Posca Pen PC 1MR are opaque & will write on light and dark surfaces
  • Water-based pigment ink markers that produce poster-like, vibrant colours
  • It is possible to "overwrite" other colours - ideal for correcting mistakes
  • The ink will not seep through paper
  • Posca Pens PC 1MR are non-permanent i.e. can be wiped off glass, plastic etc
  • Ultra Fine Line 0.7mm
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